Group Members


Principal investigator

  • Dr. Iñaki Comas. Head of the Unit. I did my PhD in the University of Valencia on Evolutionary Genomics of Proteobacteria. In 2008, I moved to Dr. Sebastien Gagneux laboratory in the National Institute for Medical Research in London. We were among the first to use NGS in large scale to address issues related with host-pathogen interaction, evolution and drug resistance. In 2012 I returned to Spain and established a new line of research in tuberculosis.

Postdoctoral students

  • Dr. Victoria Furió. Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow. I did my PhD at the University of Valencia on experimental evolution of RNA viruses. On 2012, I started my postdoc at Dr. Craig MacLean’s laboratory at the University of Oxford, working on antibiotic resistance evolution in the genus Pseudomonas. Since 2015, I have been working with Dr. Iñaki Comas in Valencia on antibiotic resistance in M.tuberculosis

PhD students

  • Irving Norberto Cancino Muñoz. I studied Biology in the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. I worked with Dr. Roberto Zenteno Cuevas in the Public Health Institute in Veracruz doing some molecular characterisation of tuberculosis strains in the region. I got a Master’s degree in molecular biology at Universidad de Valencia doing SNP typing of tuberculosis. Now, I am working in my PhD thesis in genomic epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Comunidad Valenciana.
  • Álvaro Chiner Oms. I studied Computer Sciences in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After that, I studied Biology in the University of Valencia and also a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics. Nowdays, I am working on my PhD thesis, applying systems biology techniques to the study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  • Galo Adrián Goig. I studied biology in the University of Valencia, after what I got a master’s degree on bioinformatics. Currently developing mi PhD thesis on translational genomics of tuberculosis.

Lab manager

  • Luis Villamayor. I studied Chemistry at the University of Valencia, then I obtained the title of clinical lab technician. I got enough experience working with mycobacteria and legionella at the General Hospital of Valencia. Actually, I am the lab manager of the biosecurity lab of FISABIO and soon I will begin my PhD in genomic epidemiology.
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